• Practising room for pianists (or pianos for rent) available in Prague.
  • Accommodation in the very same house possible, for just 15,- USD per person bed + breakfast

Musical instruments for rent

(pianos and other instruments)

Three types of the rent :

  • s h o r t term (1-5 days),
  • m i d d l e term(1-10 weeks),
  • l o n g term (from 3 months)

Available :

  • piano accessories
  • bass guitars, guitars
  • keyboards, pianos
  • string instruments
  • music

    Music for rent

    Chamber music :

    • Folk Peter Brass quartett (voices available)
    • Prselo v noci (Night rain – chamber songs
    • on Karel Hlavacek)
    • String quartett (voices available)

    Orchestral scores :

    • Folk Peter Fresques for symphony orchestra,
    • bassguitar and drums (voices available)

    Piano :

    • Folk Peter Foggy day
    • Look (czech polka)
    • Miniatury pro klavir (Miniatures pour le piano)
    • Par letnich mesicu


    Piano Resources:

    Piano Bench Purchasing: 3 Buying Tips

    Before purchasing a piano bench it’s in your best interests to consider the model and style and how it will fit your purposes.  Depending on your needs and requirements, you may need to buy a bench designed specifically for your usage. The final decision regarding a piano bench purchase will be determined by the price and budget of how much you are able or willing to spend for a new bench.

    A piano bench is a standard required accessory for all pianists and preferred by other instrumentalist including guitarists, harpists and other orchestral players. Styles include the traditional/common style, adjustable height, double seating and the leather padded models. Most deluxe models include a music storage area beneath the seat that is ideal for musical books and manuscripts.

    The traditional piano bench has been standard equipment for the majority of acoustic pianos produced and sold over the past 40 years and is often included with rental pianos.  It has an ample storage compartment and is available with a padded top or in a wood finish. The adjustable models are fully height variable and ideal for the budding talent or advanced performers who require the proper alignment and positioning to the piano keyboard.

    Pianists who require dual seating at one piano prefer and use the double bench. The most sought after models having two individually adjustable seats with a handle/ lever for each player to adjust to his/her specific height. Leather padding is available in several different models/styles, having a soft subtle feel and long life it is preferred by many professional musicians when they purchase. These type benches are usually not included with piano rentals.

    The  bench model you buy will be determined by how much you are willing to invest and the specific benches available for that particular price. Online buying can save you money on a seat purchase and is a quick and simple process. Benches are shipped pre-assembled with only the legs requiring attachment. If you planning to pursue piano rental, its crucial to know your demand for a piano bench in advance.

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