Classical Music Composers – How They Influenced Other Classical Musicians

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A lot of people consider classical music as one of the greatest types of music. The classical period is the time when some composers began to pull the reigns of the baroque music styles. They created strict compositional guidelines and regulations. You may know Mozart and Hayd, but they weren’t the only composers who have contributed greatly during the classical music period.

Antonio Salieri

He was known to be envious of Mozart, but he also was known for his contributions to opera. He also used to compose for church music.

Christopher Willibald Gluck

Gluck was the one who revolutionized opera and melded French and Italian styles.

Ludwig van Beethoven

He was notable for his successful attempt in breaking the strict and refined rules of classical music composition.

 Luigi Boccherini

His famous works were sonatas and concertos, but what put this to fame was his famous Minuet from the string quintet.

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There have been many classical music composers since the 11th century to this day. However the most popular of composers of such music are the composers of the periods commonly referred to as the classical, baroque as 

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By Catherine Hua Have you ever read a composer’s name on a music program and realized that you had no clue how to pronounce it, much less know what to expect for his or her music? (Mr. Dvořák, I’m talking about you.) While the For some great Classical pieces, you could try Beethoven’s famous Sonatina, a collection of 21 pieces of Mozart’s most popular works or Beethoven’s masterpiece, Fur Elise. Catherine Hua is the Marketing Intern at Sheet Music Plus.

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His works were influenced by Ludwig von Beethoven and he was also a great composer of lieder (a predecessor of modern music, which is a relatively short composition of piano and human voice), piano and orchestra.

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